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    Celebrity Sightings

    • Christina Applegate and Chole Sevigny
      at the BWE 100th episode party. They are both so blonde. That color blonde that does not exist in real life but only with chemical enhancement. They're beautiful though.
    • Melba Moore
      in the airport in Nairobi, Kenya! We smiled at each other over Nescafe (aka coffee).
    • Parker Posey
      at Murray's Bagels. She looked really punk rock.
    • Jessica Lange and Sam Shephard
      at A History of Violence at Cinema Village. They were so cute and followed us everywhere from the movies to Cedar Tavern and back to the movies. They probably thought we were following them.
    • Nicole Ari Parker and Boris Kodjoe
      pushing their baby down 13th Street. I was having a meeting at Cosi around the corner from my overcrowded office. I looked out the window and there they were. They stopped in front of my window and were doing the, who should take the baby conversation. I was trying to listen to the person talking to me but I could not and she was not the type of person who would understand my distraction by these celebs. They are both really attractive but almost too much so. His sneakers were new. His jeans were new. It was weird. I like imperfection.
    • Joshua Redman
      running on 18th Street. I realized that I've seen him many times before and just did not realize it. He was smaller than I thought he's be but I guess most people are.
    • Patti Smith
      which was not a big deal to me but my friend Marina apparently sees her all the time. This was her fourth sighting. I said she should say something like, "I see you everywhere. We should hang out." Marina wouldn't take the bait.
    • Leonardo DiCaprio
      with Isha on our way to the PATH station on 9th Street and 6th Ave. He is very tall but as my friend says, one cheeseburger away from being fat. His bodyguard "subtely" was wearing a jogging suit next to him. I guess they exercise together. He wasn't so hot to me but another girl flipped out when she saw him so what do I know.
    • Sam Rockwell and Liev Schreiber
      on New Year's Eve but you gotta buy me a few drinks to hear that story.
    • John Turturro
      in Union Square looking tall and handsome. I’ve always had a strange little crush on him.
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    June 21, 2007


    Ms World

    I kind of have an issue with that too and supposedly Mariane Pearl was annoyed when Black actresses made some noise about it. I honestly think non-African Americans don't get it. I'm on the fence about the movie too. I would probably go and see it if it wasn't Jolie. She's interesting but right now there is too much press about everything connected with her.

    kim gittens

    you know i know logan, right, and that shes married to mike pollard? she was in candida's class - a year behind me at amherst


    I can not deal with how small this world is! I did not know that. Geez!


    I don't know that agree with you on this one. In fact your friend's article actually made me feel less confirmed with you. It's their company, they optioned the book and they had the wisdom and good taste to make this film. I don't think Marriane Pearl was so in the public that her race was as much of an issue as it is now that Jolie played it. Also I agree with her answer about Marianne Pearl's multie-cultured backround: She's not black and she is not white- she is biracial. What I do agree with is the criticism of Jolie being dipped in caramel and the biracial wig bullsh*t. Personally I feel as if Jolie thought she could carry the internal matters of this part to full breach then she should have just played the part looking like herself and let it be as it is. I don't need the costuming. Now as far as people bringing up Thandie Newton: I think she is sucky actress and I would much prefer Jolie to her. If you got someone besides Thandie- perhaps I'd change my tune entirely.

    Also I don't think this has Netflix written all over it- part of the ticket proceeds go to helping families of Journalists killed in war.


    The more I have thought about it, the more of a problem I have with Jolie in this role. I actually have a bigger problem with how badly Jolie speaks about the issues around her playing a woman of color more than anything. I think that the argument that because Pearl is so many different ethnicities that Jolie is as qualified as anyone to play her is a lame one. The least Jolie could do is acknowledge that her playing a woman of color (and Pearl is a woman of color whether she is half black, a third black, whatever) is a sensitive thing. It does not matter what Pearl's relationship with her ethnicity is; she is a woman of color.

    There are so few parts for women of color and it is important for young girls to see women that look like them in positive roles like this one. That's not really Jolie's responsibility to care about but it really shocks me that Jolie is so awkward in how she speaks about issues pertaining to race when she not only has an African daughter but she is also speaking about tolerance all over the world on my behalf (because she is a UN goodwill ambassador).

    It's true. It's her company. She can make a movie about whatever she wants to make a movie about and her boyfriend can produce it. Those are the breaks. However, Jolie is not just an actress and she makes it pretty clear she wants to be more than an actress. Therefore, I expect a bit more sensitivity from her. She wants to play this role of savior to the third world. She should and will be held to a higher standard.

    And I am still not seeing it. The ticket proceeds can go wherever they go. I think it's so strange that the story is about Marianne and not really about Daniel. It seems like a strange choice.


    Yeah. You're right about the Daniel vs Marianne thing- thats just plain ol sad and to me an even bigger issue!!!!! I haven't actually seen Jolie speak about it but when you bring up the fact that she has an African daughter it does color my perspective a bt differently. Yet, I wonder if the fact that she is raising a black daughter makes her feel entitled to the emotional territory in the roles reserved for black women. I do not know how I feel anymore now. Its such a strange thing that this is coming up now across the board. I was totally against it when you brought up Labute, but then Rover changed my mind and now you are changing it sorta back.

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