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    • Christina Applegate and Chole Sevigny
      at the BWE 100th episode party. They are both so blonde. That color blonde that does not exist in real life but only with chemical enhancement. They're beautiful though.
    • Melba Moore
      in the airport in Nairobi, Kenya! We smiled at each other over Nescafe (aka coffee).
    • Parker Posey
      at Murray's Bagels. She looked really punk rock.
    • Jessica Lange and Sam Shephard
      at A History of Violence at Cinema Village. They were so cute and followed us everywhere from the movies to Cedar Tavern and back to the movies. They probably thought we were following them.
    • Nicole Ari Parker and Boris Kodjoe
      pushing their baby down 13th Street. I was having a meeting at Cosi around the corner from my overcrowded office. I looked out the window and there they were. They stopped in front of my window and were doing the, who should take the baby conversation. I was trying to listen to the person talking to me but I could not and she was not the type of person who would understand my distraction by these celebs. They are both really attractive but almost too much so. His sneakers were new. His jeans were new. It was weird. I like imperfection.
    • Joshua Redman
      running on 18th Street. I realized that I've seen him many times before and just did not realize it. He was smaller than I thought he's be but I guess most people are.
    • Patti Smith
      which was not a big deal to me but my friend Marina apparently sees her all the time. This was her fourth sighting. I said she should say something like, "I see you everywhere. We should hang out." Marina wouldn't take the bait.
    • Leonardo DiCaprio
      with Isha on our way to the PATH station on 9th Street and 6th Ave. He is very tall but as my friend says, one cheeseburger away from being fat. His bodyguard "subtely" was wearing a jogging suit next to him. I guess they exercise together. He wasn't so hot to me but another girl flipped out when she saw him so what do I know.
    • Sam Rockwell and Liev Schreiber
      on New Year's Eve but you gotta buy me a few drinks to hear that story.
    • John Turturro
      in Union Square looking tall and handsome. I’ve always had a strange little crush on him.
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    May 27, 2007


    Prince Gomolvilas

    Totally agree with you. It's not so much WHAT LaBute says but HOW he says it. Forget the fact that his thesis doesn't hold water in modern day society--he's so smug about everything. I wrote about his article too at:

    Thanks for sharing.


    I'm actually surprised at how kind you were in conveying all this- because I think Labute is an arrogant priveleged little brat. I agree with everything you said!!!!- I'm sorry but I am not crying a river because Kevin Spacey is confined to ten million other Shakespearian roles out there. Secondly- I am not even sure that color blind casting truly works in either direction regarding historical pieces of work were the writers WROTE exact character descriptions! Hamlet- was the DANISH prince. August Wilson wrote his ten plays about the AFRICAN AMERICAN experience and g-d dammit no one but an Asian actress should play Madame butterfly because how many freakin roles are out there for Asian women?????? This is not about racism- its about respecting the work the way it was written. That said a play is about PLAYING- and Labute is right- it should be magical and open to any kind of trick of the mind; be it convincing me that an actor is another color simply by their craft. However Labute is the last poster child for equal opportunity- I hate to say it but I think that most of the people that have issues with affirmative action and other things related are dealing with some form of suppressed white guilt and projecting it. Someone should really inform Labute that racism is not contained to just a few people who own "the Dukes of Hazzard box set" its a pandemic national crisis and if the politics alone revolving around this upcoming election don't tell Mr Labute that -I don't know what will!

    Sorry- I can't freaking stand that guy! Oh and In the company of men was GARBAGE!!!!!!!!!!


    The Rover

    Neil (I can be on a first name basis with him, because he dated my ex - long story) misses the point completely - which is completely shocking, because he's a writer.

    The most important thing is telling the story.

    You can have a black Hamlet, or a brown Medea because the story isn't about race. It's about something else. Similiarly, because Othello does deal with race, you can have a brown Othello, or go the Patrick Stewart route and have a white Othello with a brown/black cast. It's still making the same point. I fail to see however, what an all-white cast of Fences would bring to the play. And the same rules apply for gender, by the way.

    Why doesn't he bankroll a white "Raisin"? He's got enough money? Shucks, he must not have the stones...


    Rover you are right- I just hate Neil LAbute. BTW- that Patrick Stewart Othello sounds really intrigueing- was it only in LA? I still want Madame Butterfly to be Asian though.

    The Rover

    I'm pretty sure it was on Broadway, actually. And, as I remember, there was no big outcry about that one. Stick that one in your pipe and smoke it, Neil.

    L. Britt

    He's an idiot! I can't take him or his argument seriously because he's not taking anything seriously. He, who writes the whitest plays on the planet. "Slavery and all that." What an idiot!




    i have to say, and i know this isn't exactly PC... but the feeling i got when reading this... was just Wow... can't we have anything? really, can't we just have anything w/out your need to co-opt our shit? i mean, really... for the last couple of years, all we've been hearing is how joss stone is the re-incarnation of black soul... almost every critically acclaimed film about people of color made in the last 10 years (and beyond, for that matter) has been by white people... and i'm not just talking about Dreamgirls (mainly cause i think it sucked, but that's another story)... from Quinciera to Tsoti, Rabbit-Proof Fence, Whale Rider, Our Song, Raising Victor Vargas, Girlfight, etc... need I go on... and all this is the age of so-called equal opportunity... it's not enough to co-opt our bodies, our neighborhoods, our style, speech or music.... you must assert your right to the very stories we tell to save ourselves...

    not to mention, the fact that he's relegated the whole basis of racism in America to "something that doesn't really matter anyway," means that he doesn't understand what Lorraine or August were talking about in the first place... and if that's not the best reason, why he has no place being anything more than a paying audience member at any production of their work, I'm not sure what it is....


    Preach Tracey! You said somethings I did not have the guts to say (except the Dreamgirls dig, I liked that movie man! Am I the only one?) Tracey, I salute you.


    Tracey, I think you are totally right. I really don't think there is anything wrong with what you are saying! I get annoyed when pretty waspy women play Jewish women because I think it says something about the beauty archetype.

    I think what you wrote is what I was sort of getting at regarding a writer's intent as well. Yes Rover I agree that the craft of acting can suspend disbelief but shouldn't the plays that have brought African Americans to the forefront of the cannon be preserved at this time and place for African Americans to interpret- I am more than happy as a white person to just sit my ass down in the audience and learn. Secondly, you are so right- until people stop thinking that racism (for that matter sexism, agism, and bodyism- if thats a word) is a dated notion of the past then we cannot share in the wealth of great roles offered by Lorraine, August, Baraka and the likes of such.

    As a side note tucker- I thought that Tracey's words were yours until I got to the bottom. Funny.

    This was a really nice post- thanks for this and the judd APatow post.


    Can't we all just get along? Sorry, I just had to say it. Yeah, we'd like to see theater all warm and fuzzy, but, it's not going to happen. The problem I have with some African American's going after the roles slated for African American's is, they are whiter than I am. Their great-great-great-great grandmother was an African American, and they've chosen to take that on. I went to school with a girl who had her scholarships, her everything based on checking that box, and she was blue eyed, pale skinned. Don't play the game because it demeans those who are struggling against racism.

    Rover needs to cough up the dirt, because a friend of mine dated him, too.

    anthony d'juan

    The LaBute article pushed me aback. I have directed two of his plays (Bash and The Distance From Here -- one of his best next to The Mercy Seat) and I must say, it is a sad case (and a ridiculous stance) that LaBute takes. I agree with what is being said. It is all based in his wording. I wrote a blog on the article too. you can find it at this link: (

    anthony d'juan

    The LaBute article pushed me aback. I have directed two of his plays (Bash and The Distance From Here -- one of his best next to The Mercy Seat) and I must say, it is a sad case (and a ridiculous stance) that LaBute takes. I agree with what is being said. It is all based in his wording. I wrote a blog on the article too. you can find it at this link: (

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