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    • Christina Applegate and Chole Sevigny
      at the BWE 100th episode party. They are both so blonde. That color blonde that does not exist in real life but only with chemical enhancement. They're beautiful though.
    • Melba Moore
      in the airport in Nairobi, Kenya! We smiled at each other over Nescafe (aka coffee).
    • Parker Posey
      at Murray's Bagels. She looked really punk rock.
    • Jessica Lange and Sam Shephard
      at A History of Violence at Cinema Village. They were so cute and followed us everywhere from the movies to Cedar Tavern and back to the movies. They probably thought we were following them.
    • Nicole Ari Parker and Boris Kodjoe
      pushing their baby down 13th Street. I was having a meeting at Cosi around the corner from my overcrowded office. I looked out the window and there they were. They stopped in front of my window and were doing the, who should take the baby conversation. I was trying to listen to the person talking to me but I could not and she was not the type of person who would understand my distraction by these celebs. They are both really attractive but almost too much so. His sneakers were new. His jeans were new. It was weird. I like imperfection.
    • Joshua Redman
      running on 18th Street. I realized that I've seen him many times before and just did not realize it. He was smaller than I thought he's be but I guess most people are.
    • Patti Smith
      which was not a big deal to me but my friend Marina apparently sees her all the time. This was her fourth sighting. I said she should say something like, "I see you everywhere. We should hang out." Marina wouldn't take the bait.
    • Leonardo DiCaprio
      with Isha on our way to the PATH station on 9th Street and 6th Ave. He is very tall but as my friend says, one cheeseburger away from being fat. His bodyguard "subtely" was wearing a jogging suit next to him. I guess they exercise together. He wasn't so hot to me but another girl flipped out when she saw him so what do I know.
    • Sam Rockwell and Liev Schreiber
      on New Year's Eve but you gotta buy me a few drinks to hear that story.
    • John Turturro
      in Union Square looking tall and handsome. I’ve always had a strange little crush on him.
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    October 05, 2006


    L. Britt

    I think it comes from actually believing that one can close. If a girl thinks a guy is attainable, she'll go for it. If a girl was into a guy who she thought was a schmuck, she would land him no problem. It's like the Buddha quote: "She is able who thinks she is able." SO much easier said than done.

    You can totally get that guy that works at that bar, by the way.

    Ms. World

    Very interesting subject matter! I have very little to offer but I think L. Britt has a good point. I honestly haven't met anyone I wanted to "close on" since I came back to the U.S.



    I don't know about this "closing" business.

    I can understand why it works with people. It seems that some people just need a knock on the head (and by "knock" I mean a little persistence) and suddenly they're more inclined towards someone romantically than they were pre-knock-on-head. Or maybe they would've been romantically-inclined regardless of said knock, but needed the persistence in order to gain confidence into acting.

    HOWEVER -- this road has never worked for me. All successful relationships of mine, have always been moved forward by both parties, mutually. Sooo mutually -- that one could hardly figure out who was responsible for the initial "move."

    Any of the men with whom I was forced into persistence-mode -- really ended up being just a waste of my time. They might've gone out with me once or twice -- but the dates would always be duds.

    If two people are right for one another -- there needs be no persistent or repetitive acts to gain the other's attention. There needs be no closing.

    Well... Perhaps that's not completely true! There's nothing wrong with dropping the hint of an opportunity for a future re-connect. If the other party is interested, they'll jump at it.

    All of this aside -- if the goal is just FUN -- I think the practice of "closing" on MANY different bachelors could lead to, if not successful relationships. then, AT LEAST much amusement.


    I have no idea what it takes to "close" because I never "close". But I agree with L-B; I don't really think it matters if you close or not. Things like that are really up to the gods I suppose. What I do think matters is that one take themselves seriously and believe that they are closers. Its always the same story- if you believe you are lucky -then you are. If you believe you deserve something- then you do. Furthermore, I feel like there are two girl closers that we all know: One is the aggressive flirter- she sees what she wants and she so actively goes for it that the victim never even saw what he was in for. The second is simply the girl who knows what she wants- she believes that the object of her affections would be lucky to have her on most days, albeit I am sure she is wrapped with insecurities just like the rest of us. Now both these girls are closers- but I would bet my ass that the second continues to have meaningful relationships while the first just signs up for car crash after car crash. So I guess the lesson is that we all have to walk a line that balances between lovable humility and functional confidence. After all its not whether or not the deal gets closed- it's the value of the deal that you are closing. And now I must go off and not follow any of my own words what-so-ever- =)


    Just like the book says: He's not that into you--if he was interested he would be making the call and hooking you up with the tattoo artist and doing anything and everything to please you.

    This "closing" business is all nonsense. The simple fact is: men want you when you don't want them. It's simple biology, they all have the hunter instinct--they are compelled to pursue. You offering up your phone number, being open, being friendly... all foreign concepts to them--that puts you at a disadvantage because it makes them believe you are too easy for them to capture. (i.e. no challenge)

    I have this guy at work that I thought I liked and I developed a small crush on him. We are always friendly to each other and have great, great conversations and wonderful chemistry.

    I then found out that he had a girlfriend, so I curbed my interest in him--oh, I'm still friendly--I just don't make extra time for chatting with him anymore.

    Since I stopped being "extra friendly", guess what happened? Everytime I look up, there he is. He's coming up behind me in the break room, touching me, finding me in the conference room, staring at me from down the hall, helping to take my stuff to the car, bringing me coffee. In other words, as soon as my open admiration stopped he was and is all over me.

    Men are all the same creature and are far too simple-minded to act in any other way. Forget about the bartender--move on. Anyway, I hate most men, so I'm prejudiced. :-)

    L. Britt

    I like Beebs distinction about the two different types of closers. Often people confuse the two. There is a vital distinction. The first closer focuses on outward signs of confidence; the second focuses on creating inward confidence.

    The Rover

    I think Teresa's half-right. If a guy's into you, he'll do whatever it takes to get your attention. And that's why I don't agree with her "hard to get" idea.

    Similiarly, I think that guys are good or bad closers. (I'm a pretty good closer, but a terrible starter.) But I don't know that it applies to women as much. Unless you're asking for the guy's number...and I can count on one hand the number of times that's happened to me. (And that's a totally different soapbox...)


    My friend in real estate was saying the same thing!!! She made the same connection that you need to close the deal before the prospect walks away. Interesting....

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